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Let's Make 2019 the Year of Unheard Voices

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Expanding Empathy, One Book at a Time

In partnership with other nonprofits serving communities in need, we're building a catalog of books by unheard voices. In this time of heightened division, we need the empathy-expanding power of books now more than ever.

Dialogue is an instrument of peace. It's clear that feeling powerless or unheard can remove hope. It can be a recipe for cynicism, extremism, and anger. Our work actively combats marginalization by amplifying the voices that too often go unheard, providing a platform for leadership, connection, and understanding.

Here's how we're actively engaging in positive change:

We keep changing the story. We continue to counteract negative messages that divide with positive stories that connect. Our books take all forms-- children's stories, poetry collections, memoir collections, and novels--and reach all audiences, to open hearts and minds.

We amplify diverse voices. Our books act as much-needed windows into other perspectives. Our society is often all too segregated and silo-ed; we do not understand each other because we do not know each other. We are doubling down on efforts to amplify these voices as powerful tools of empathy.

We pass the megaphone. Along with our essential annual projects, we also actively develop NEW projects that provide a platform for communities increasingly targeted by fear-mongering and hate. This year we published a moving graphic memoir collection by Latinx youth immigrants that provides a much-needed human face to our immigration crisis -- and that supports a scholarship fund for immigrants seeking a better future. Next year we'll publish a new book of stories and art by Muslim American youth that will serve as a tool for dialogue, connecting young people across difference. We are committed to building a diverse catalog of mission-driven books that empower, educate, and expand empathy.

Our work could not be more relevant, or more urgent, today. Your support spreads positive messages of inclusivity, connection, possibility, and hope. Thank you.